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"Oh, bother..."
~ Winnie the Pooh

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St.Ego is playing the defaults and overrides shuffle in Drupal Views... (2 years ago)
While In a busy mood
St.Ego is brewing a kava-chai instead of a latte; it's a slow week... (2 years ago)
While In a bored mood
St.Ego is Drupal 6 CCK userreference fails for non-Node data types; time to switch to Nodes... (2 years ago)
While In a disappointed mood
St.Ego is trying not to think about how much time I spent trying to set up a form before realizing it was nested... (2 years ago)
While In a frustrated mood
St.Ego is was going to order for delivery from the cajun pho restaurant that is open all night... but that doesn't exist. QQ (2 years ago)
While In a hungry mood
St.Ego is enjoying yer little weed whacker? enjoy some dubstep with it... thru my PA. (2 years ago)
While In a annoyed mood
St.Ego is doctors are utterly worthless. If you want me to pay for my visit, write my scripts, you overeducated git... (2 years ago)
While In a frustrated mood
St.Ego is I only watch TV on the internet. My mother only watches the internet on TV. wth? (2 years ago)
While In a amused mood
St.Ego is translating midi files into patterns on the Electribe is looking pretty tedious when you lack a music background... (2 years ago)
While In a determined mood
St.Ego is finally figured out how to reset the Electribe EMX back to factory settings to recover missing patterns... (2 years ago)
While In a relieved mood
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What's In: Shemaghs - What's Out: Snuggies

The shemagh is an eastern headress that uses a large square piece of cloth to wrap around the head, leaving the eyes and/or face exposed. It lends a certain exotic desert look to the wearer.

The "snuggie"... is it even possible to SAY "snuggie" without feeling your masculinity diminished? Even women can't wear a snuggie without inciting derogatory remarks.

:: Media Review
  • Global Agenda

    Play a Recon, Assault, Medic or Robotics mercenary... with a jetpack! If you miss playing Tribes, this game is for you! They even have PvE areas and arena combat that emphasize working with the rest of your team if you want to succeed. Not the type of game that you are going to solo, unfortunately.

  • Perpetuum Online - Mecha MMO

    Now that the game has been released and I have had a chance to play it, I'd like to report that this is one very thoroughly developed game. Each player controls his or her own mecha, periodically upgrading to a more powerful mecha type. If you have been waiting for a mecha MMO to play, this could very well be it. Perpetuum delivers well on several different fronts, but has one or two aspects that I'm not entirely comfortable with yet. Read on for my more in depth breakdown...

:: Another Good Read...
  • Boneshaker

    This was reviewed as being quite the steampunk novel, which is something that I've had a growing hunger for lately. As with so many cases, the published reviews of the book exhibit a lack of knowledge regarding the genre (or, at least, a lack of ability to write IN the genre, as opposed to the author himself). So, I've put off picking it up for some time now.

    However, I found myself in a local bookstore (in an attempt to escape construction noise at the home) and was browsing through my "save-for-later" list on Amazon (ie: everything that WAS in my "Cart" but then got removed when I trimmed down the order prior to completion) via my Droid phone (gadget-of-the-year, IMHO). Unable to find a dozen other books on my list (what is it with the selection at bookstores, anyway? am I just that eclectic?) I finally stumbled upon Boneshaker sitting on the shelf, and snatched it up.

    I don't know how many of you have had the chance to read a good "steampunk" novel before, but there are a few out there which I believe are quite good. Here's hoping this is one of them, eh?

    I'll update and re-post this entry after I've finished reading it and let you know whether it's worth the effort...

    Cherie Priest

    Get your own!

: : Latest Blog News

Movie Trailer Marathon: Recap
Aug 20, 2011

Periodically, the time comes for a good ole movie trailer marathon. When you are caught up on your show(s) and not yet ready to call it a night, you can always pick your favorite movie trailer site (Apple, for me, ironically) and fill an hour or two of back-to-back previews... assuming, of course, that you don't watch TV... I can only speak for myself, there.

I advise watching your trailers on a dedicated broadband connection. My 3G my be, in fact, dedicated, but we all know it's not supposed to be that way. Wink

Click past the break to see which trailers struck my interest and what my expectations are for each...

Global Agenda: Hands-Free Jetpacks At Last!
Dec 11, 2010

When I first started playing this game, earlier in the year, I was dismayed to find they had placed jetpacks in a weapon slot, preventing you from being able to fly and shoot at the same time. Well, you still can't fly and shoot at the same time, but they've given everyone hands-free jetpacks now so that they are moved out of a weapon slot and assigned to the spacebar. Flying in this game just went from manual to automatic transmission!

Evony Online's Glass Ceiling
Sep 04, 2009

By now, everyone is, of course, quite sick of seeing the buxom ads deployed to entice new players for Evony. Being rather burnt out on everything else available on the market, I've been giving it a try. No, there isn't any comely wench in-game, of any sort, that I've found. But, it is free, after all, right..? Right?

Except they nerfed medals...

You can play for free until you get out of newbie-mode by trying to advance beyond Knight, which requires these medals, see?

Getting at Mailman with PHP and Xaraya
Jun 24, 2009

For some time now, I have been picking away at the idea of connecting the Mailman mailing list server to Xaraya. If I could get Xaraya to read Mailman data, including the list of members and the archive of posts, I could provide a powerful (and free) listserv to Xaraya members by automatically adding them to a mailing list in Mailman that is associated with membership in a specific group in Xaraya (ostensibly the default Users group, but any group could ostensibly be used for various purposes). Furthermore, I could automatically establish user accounts in Xaraya for all listserv members in Mailman, run via CRON to keep a Xaraya group and a Mailman list in sync together.

However, it's been an uphill battle getting at Mailman from anything but the command line... until now!

Slashdot Slashdots the Internet, Featuring Your Site!
Jun 14, 2009

What happens when the inbred nature of the internet gets into bed with new and media? They feed on each other. Right now you can see it happening as Slashdot virtually erupts a stream of meta-data traffic over an article about sniffering browser history without javascript, and references to the NINE YEAR OLD bug that continues to remain exploitable, as obvious references in the comments will tell you, quite hillariously:

When the internet gets slashdotted...

What is the sound of a billion souls crying out in the dark "how did I get here?"

Up-Coming Sci-Fi MMO's To Watch For
Mar 03, 2009

Since the market has become virtually flooded with fantasy MMO's, the focus of the gaming community is beginning to move towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum. For years, EVE Online has dominated the sci-fi MMO market, remaining viable for years with a growing loyal fan-base while other aspiring sci-fi MMO's flared briefly before fading away.

However, EVE Online is not a game for everyone, heavily featuring PvP action. I've personally tried playing twice only to have the experience ruined by bored griefers with too much virtual artillery. As a result, I have been on the watch for something new to play, specifically in this genre.

Reviewing the unreleased games that are anticipated, I have selected three that appear to be worth investing some time in, once they are available.

After the jump, I will cover the primary features of interest for each game, detailing exactly why it is worth looking into. In expected order of release, they are Jumpgate Evolution, Earthrise and Infinity.

Do you want something posted at the top of the tower, contact me. Every post helps build the tower...